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DC-DC Converters
DC-AC Inverters
Engine Protectors
Battery Monitors
Fluid Level
Battery Charge

Light Bulb Protectors
Speed Limiters
Magnetic Power Connectors
Gear Shift Monitor


Develops, designs, manufactures and markets electronic, electromechanical systems. DC-DC converters, Diesel & gasoline engine protectors, Battery monitors, Battery charge equalizers, fluid level, light monitoring,  Speed limiters.  used in the automotive, construction, agricultural, defense, marine and related markets.
Imports & markets garage equipment- bodyshop & electric.


29 Habanai st., unit 190, P.O.B 2640, Holon, Israel 5812701 Tel. 972-3-5503066, Fax. 972-3-5503062 temcon@bezeqint.net

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